October 28th Program

Our Gratitude

The North Glenora Blues honour and celebrate the Indigenous roots of lacrosse. We express our gratitude to those who came before us in establishing this beautiful game.

The compelling story of the 1969 North Glenora Blues lacrosse team shows why sports matter. Through personal narratives, our documentary will showcase the relationship of the 1969 Blues lacrosse team with the game, with each other, and with their communities while serving as inspiration for current athletes, coaches, parents, and all of those who care about sports.

We know that sports have been, and continue to be, an important way to engage youth in the community. Learning about the history of the North Glenora Blues would be an inspiration to our youth, their families and all members of the community. It is a story about lacrosse, but it is also an important story about what can be accomplished by a dedicated and passionate group of community members and this would be an inspiration to us all.

Melissa Campbell – Past-President, North Glenora Community League

John E. Tayler (JET)

Founder and first coach of the North Glenora Blues

From 1965 to 1980 John Tayler devoted his life to the game of lacrosse. As a leader in the re-birth of lacrosse in Edmonton and Alberta, he played a key role in the development of not only the game but in the countless number of players who played the game. As a coach, JET was an innovator drawing on sources like UCLA basketball coach John Wooden for inspiration and strategy. He stressed high levels of physical conditioning and tactics that pushed the boundaries of the traditional lacrosse mindset of the time. The Blues developed an approach to the game known as ‘Blitz Lacrosse” that was aggressive and strategic in disrupting the flow of teams that were more conservative and systematic.