Sid Parsons

By Doug Parsons

We moved to North Glenora in 1958. I was going into grade three at Coronation School and that was when I met a lot of the guys for the first time. My dad was a house builder and had built eight houses on 141st street. He built one house that was more expensive than his other houses by quite a bit. He was having trouble selling it, so he moved all of us into it from our house on Spruce Avenue near Kingsway Mall. Best decision ever!

I believe in the 1967 and 1968 seasons Ron Carter was considered the manager of our team. My dad became manager for the 1969 and 1970 seasons. How this came about I can’t recall.

I know my dad really enjoyed lacrosse and the passion I had for the game. There even were some games that he filled in on the bench as well. I know my dad contributed financially to the team and for our trip to the Summer Games. I think he was even on the executive for a while, either for the Edmonton or Alberta Associations.

It turned out so well because of the great community we moved to and all our lifelong friends that became so important to us and of course lacrosse, JET, and the Tayler family!