Jim McFall Sr.

1905 – 1983

By Russ McFall

The McFall family of Jim Sr., Florence, Jim Jr., Russ and Patricia moved to Edmonton in 1953 and settled in our new house in North Glenora on 135th street. Bob was born into the family in June of 1954.

Dad spent his career with the Alberta Federation of Agriculture. One of the highlights of his career was an opportunity to travel for an international conference in New Zealand. It was an experience of a lifetime for him.

Dad became active in the community soon after we arrived in 1953 serving as secretary of the North Glenora Community League. Following that position he became president of the community league in 1954.

A few years later he was involved with the Edmonton Federation of Community leagues and served as president for a short while.

In the early 1960’s, dad was the statistician for the Alberta Junior Hockey League. My brother Jim and I would sit with him around the
kitchen table recording stats from incoming game sheets. It was a lot of fun recording stats and recognizing some players who later became stars in the NHL.

When the North Glenora Blues were formed and my brothers and I began playing lacrosse, dad decided to get involved. He took on the
position of registrar for the organization and continued in this role for a couple of years.

Dad enjoyed watching the game grow from the beginning of the Blues in 1966 to qualifying for the first 1969 Canada Summer Games in

Halifax. He was thrilled to get a chance to watch Jim Jr. and I participate in these games on CBC TV.

Jim Sr. enjoyed helping build the organization as a volunteer and was proud to be in on the grassroot beginnings of the North Glenora Blues.